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Call of the Dungeon Call of the Dungeon

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This is from NIS.
This is the retro version though~ as they have an orchestral version with vocals as well.

disk00 responds:

Honestly I've never heard the retro version before, so if this is actually a clone...that surprises me >_>

My Inspiration My Inspiration

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I loved this, it, was, awesome D:
And i plan to now use this, in, a flash style opening of my webcomic, i mean, just an opening really, nothing more, nothing less, but it works really well for what i had in mind with the style, sound and timing
So i'm gonna use this~ Fuuuuuufuuufuuuu
And yes i'll credit you, for, using it ;D
Of course if ye don't want me to use it thats fine~ but still, awesomeness!

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xDSxGabo responds:

I'll be honored! ^^

Oh no, you didn't. Oh no, you didn't.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This made me chuckle, it was short, however the voice acting went well, the background sounds worked to so yeah :3
awesome \o/

::Black Mountains:: ::Black Mountains::

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not to shabby...

Pretty good, nice use of guitar, i didn't hear to much bass however, maybe yo udidn't use any i'm not sure, the drums suited well though i wouldn't of used the snare drum so much, as it sounds like its used in every 2nd and fourth beat, eitherway it still came out pretty well and it flows smoothly without any mistakes, so well done =]
I may end up using this in a flash i'm working on, action and stuff but yeah, so look forward to it if i die ;) i'll let you know if i do and credit you obviously XD

.:The Final Battle:. .:The Final Battle:.

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...I don't think theres anything wrong with this
it has the right tune, and it works, you could use this for say a dramatic boss fight in an rpg or running through an fps while getting chased by some big mofo
so point is, its fine how it is and it works, keep up the good work mate ^^

GronmonSE responds:

I hadn't added the extra violin lead and I accidentally overlapped the drums at the end. It's fixed now, check it out if you want ;)

Thanks for the review. Check out my other work, this is really just a quick song for me.

When I Die When I Die

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Helpful for meee

Exactly what i was looking for!
So i'm going to use this in my current animation *wink*
Hope you look out for it :D
and ofc you'll get props for the audio ;)
But yeah, good audio
Good tunes, and shows you know your notes and chords with the acoustic so you can define the diffrence, cause this on an electric ? wouldn't really work to well ><

Pizza9000 responds:

Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you, this IS an electric. It's just being played on a clean channel so it sounds more like an acoustic. Thanks for the review, though!

Still More Fighting Still More Fighting

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


you get probs for even trying it let alone doing well on it :3

Trapped Inside Trapped Inside

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Damn striaght its gd!

Ahhh not bad, pretty well done and sad true, but it hits the mark!
You wouldn't mind if i use this for an animation ? as it would suit for a character if they were to be all sad and stuff or perhaps credits, Ah well i'll just credit you and if you don't like it complain and i'll take it off XD
ANyway keep up the awesome sounds!

Guitar Challenge - Pizza9000 Guitar Challenge - Pizza9000

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Hell yeahhhh!

You managed to do the riff rather well, and as well as mixing it with other sounds, are you using software to play the other sounds via guitar plugin, or another program ?
eitherway it sounds pretty awesome, i'll have to take this for an animation maybeh one day ;) or atleast one of your other works :D
Keep up the good work mate!