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Still alive.

2014-10-04 12:59:00 by Jamieneo66

Nobody reads this jazz, but I've updated so people know I'm not dead.


2010-09-01 02:20:07 by Jamieneo66

Okay i haven't done much with Newgrounds or flash for awhile
Simply because, over the past few months, i've had my brothers wedding, looking for a decent job, working on my book, and now i've got a webcomic i've started up as well as doing the odd picture on deviantart, but i decided to get off my ass and do some animating again, so aside from trying to join one or two collabs, i'll crank out some original stuff and parodys of stuff from games and whatever else that i've found humurous :D
Given that, i'll try my best to appease all the people who visit NG everyday, and i hope you all enjoy whatever i come out with :D
and....i think thats it o_O
Oh if you wanna check out the webcomic

As you can no doubt tell, my stuff has improved XD

Animation newww

2010-04-02 01:00:52 by Jamieneo66

Bloody hell its been months since i updated this XD
Well, i haven't worked on any animations simply because i never got a tablet o_O
So i can't do half the stuff i want to, however i'm working on a new animation currently, which'll probrably take me about a month to complete -_-' at the very least
and i've still gotta work on my sketch collab piece as i've probrably got a day left to do it i think ><
But yeah o_O
Eitheway, lo all and hope your doing well =D

Christmas time!

2009-12-23 14:16:34 by Jamieneo66

Well cause its christmas, things are taking just a little bit longer then they should
That being, i have to decorate and getting presents and other things so everything was put on hold save for my J-kun scraps that i need to continue uploading here XD
Anyway, so because of that things are going a little slow, also i'm not a 100% because i don't know what i' m getting for christmas, but if i end up getting a tablet, i'll be able to speed up my flashes and the animation will be alot smoother.
Also i wanna thank Darkx64, or maybe its Dark64x, eitherway he's a good guy, and he's helped promote me a little so i wanna thank him for helping me out and being supportive ^^

Anywho, hopefully i'll be able to continue on my fallout 3 flash series after christmas as i'll have a little more time then so yeah ^^
Look forward to it people and keep checking me out :D

Well, its what they wanted!

2009-12-15 03:45:05 by Jamieneo66

Well! i pretty much did a poll on my DA and people responded asking for a new flash, but a comedic one
So i remembered my Fallout 3 Parody, where as i've only put up a trailer so far and i was like hmm...theres an idea!
So for that i've started work on Episode One
it won't be GREAT but it'll still be half decent i spect, just wish i could get a tablet to make it even more awesome but se lavie
or...however its spelt >.>
Eitherway, i hope you all look forward to it
Fall-Away Episode One, A fallout parody is coming to computers soon near you!

Angel and the Fox

2009-12-02 06:57:33 by Jamieneo66

Well, this looks to becoming a series of sorts, however, how its going to carry on isn't up to me as i didn't make up the story i just made the flash based from it.
Anyway, for those who enjoyed this, will get to see the next episode soon when the next part of the story is put down for me to animate, and yes it will have more animation this time as well but it will still be done in the same style as the first one.
Eitherway enjoy it and look forward to it =D and for those who liked it, if you wanna help. Feel free to recommend it to the serious shorts or music video or anime section of the NG site :D

Music video

2009-11-18 15:15:12 by Jamieneo66

Well Give out your heart, i wanna try and get into the serious shorts or music video section, so come on guys =D vote for it to get in there please :P
well recommend it :)

Short for idea's

2009-11-04 22:48:27 by Jamieneo66

Well, i'm a little stumped with what to do for my next flash, i mean i could do something like Give out your heart again, or i could work on something entirely new or i dunno.
If any of you guys could give a suggestion would be good XD cause i'm a little stumped at the moment
Thanks in advance

Flash for a month

2009-10-27 23:08:43 by Jamieneo66

Well as it says, i've been using flash for exactly a month now, never been taught it or anything and had to learn everything myself :\ so i'm pretty pleased with the results of what i've done. Ok not all the flash is great but, its still pretty good in my opinion specially as i didn't spend days upon days on each flash ^^
Each flash i've put up i finished in about a day, well within a day i should say, its not that i didn't try
I just work fast i guess, however when i do my next flash i'm gonna spend abit more time on it if i can =]
Hopefully come out with some good results

Eitherway here you go, so i've been using flash for a month since sunday, and i've done quite abit of work so for those that ridicule my flash work, considering the lack of knowledge i have with the program, that i'm self taught, and half of you who go on saying that it was 'poor' that haven't even done anything like it yourself, can't really be that great of a judge.
So yeah...

1000 hits on DA

2009-10-15 14:40:46 by Jamieneo66

Well as some of you who may of checked by clicking site on my userprofile shizzle
Basically i reached a 1000 hits last night, so started work on a flash on and off, about a total of 8 hours work, first time using flash witout sprites and there we go, my 1000 hits flash is up =D
and now my piece for the collab finally was acceptable, i can rest for abit with flash movies cause i am tired T-T